How to be Accepting of Holidays in Public Schools

With all these holidays coming up I wanted to discuss a topic that was brought up to me recently. I was talking with a mother who was upset that the public schools were celebrating Holidays. She did not like that the doors in the school were decorated for Halloween.

I totally understand that she does not celebrate the holiday and I am by no means judging her for being upset. What I wanted to discuss is that acceptance goes both ways. I understand that this mom and many other moms do not want their kids celebrating some holidays because it goes against their beliefs. My thing is that nobody is forcing them to celebrate it by decorating their doors.


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When we get upset about the doors being decorated we are not accepting of other people’s views. If we do that, we are then trying to tell someone else that they can not express their beliefs because they do not go along with her beliefs. To me, that does not sound like acceptance.

The great thing about public schools is that there are so many different beliefs and values and it can really help us teach our kids how to be accepting. If there is a Halloween Party in your kid’s class and you do not celebrate Halloween then why can’t they still have a good time and not dress up? The parties in school are really just meant to give the kids a break and let them have a little fun and there is no reason a kid can’t do that.


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Sometimes this means advocating for yourself. Instead of saying to the teacher I don’t want you to have kids color any Christmas pictures in your classroom because our family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, maybe you can contact the teacher and say hey if you do any Christmas coloring sheets do you think maybe you could add some other options since my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

As soon as we tell people that they can’t do something because it doesn’t go along with their beliefs then we are no longer being accepting. Remember we are all moms and we all are working hard to give our kids the best life we can. We don’t all have the same beliefs but we do all love our kids and want what is best for them. Teaching them how to accept other people’s way of life is a great lesson to teach our kids. We can do that by modeling it to them.

I would love to hear some more ideas on how we can encourage acceptance during the Holiday seasons. In the public schools or any aspect of life.

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6 thoughts on “How to be Accepting of Holidays in Public Schools

  1. I completely agree with you on this topic. We need to have acceptance on both ends. I also agree that if it really is such a big deal, become your own advocate in trying to include activities you approve for your kid. Maybe they could have the teachers make it a little more educational, such as looking into the history behind these holidays.

    1. That is an awesome ideas. I think it is very important for students to be educated about different beliefs around each Holiday and the parents can request that their own beliefs be brought up at school and the students can learn about them as well.

  2. This is such an interesting topic. I think be accepting of other people’s beliefs can be applied to so many other situations as well. It all starts at home. As parents we should absolutely teach our children to be respectful and accepting of people whose belief differs from our own.

    1. You are absolutely right. Parents need to show their children how to be accepting. We as parents don’t realize how much our kids are learning from how we behave and act.

  3. Acceptance is important both ways. Both sides need to advocate for themselves if it is something that is important to them. My second year teaching I had two students who did not celebrate Christmas or any holiday for that matter. One student stayed home during holiday activities (even when we did holidays around the world), and the other’s parent tried to help plan a classroom party that was winter oriented instead of holiday themed. I thought it was fun. It isn’t about the holiday even though we say it is. You are right; it is a time to enjoy each other and take a break from the day to day. In this case does it really need to be a holiday party or just a party?

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