How to potty train your toddler in one weekend

Potty training can be such a dreadful part or motherhood. The accidents and the number of methods were the most overwhelming part for me. I found this great method that worked when I potty trained my oldest child and I am going to share it with you.

My daughter was fascinated with the potty when she was around a year old. I let her go on the potty when she wanted but I never pushed it on here. This turned into a short-lived phase.

When I thought that she was ready, I decided to try and get her potty trained and she had no interest in going on the potty at all. I made her a Frozen sticker chart (which happened to be her favorite movie at the time) and she ripped it up. That is when I realized it was going to be a lot tougher than I expected.

My mom gave me this book on potty training over a weekend. I felt really doubtful, but I read it anyways. After I read the book I decided I was going to give it a try. I picked a weekend and made no plans that involved us leaving the house.

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I highly recommend Potty Train in a Weekend by Becky Mansfield. I added a link to the book below. The book goes over potty training around the world, identifying if your child is ready to potty train and the different methods of potty training. Then she goes into the method that she uses and how she accomplished potty training during one weekend.

A fun way to get your child interested in potty training is to read some books about going. This can help them understand what exactly is going on during this unusual weekend for them. Sticker charts can be a great motivator and help to reward them when they do go. For my first child, I used popsicles to reward her and my second child loved getting stickers on her chart. After the weekend there may still be some occasional accidents but not very many. I like to use the training underwear for a while just in case we do have an accident then the mess isn’t as bad.

Remember potty training is just another one of those phases that aren’t as enjoyable as some. Try to make it more enjoyable by really celebrating when your child makes it in the potty. You can make it a fun weekend by planning some activities to do while you are spending that extra one on one time with them. Try to really take advantage of that quality time with your child.

I hope this helps you and your little one out. I know it really made potty training easier on me. Let me know if you have used this method and if it worked for you, or if you had a different method that worked out.



5 thoughts on “How to potty train your toddler in one weekend

  1. Potty training can be such a dreaded time in our parenting existence, but it can also create a big sense of accomplishment when you are done with it. Each potty experience is as different as the kids you are potty training. After potty training 3 kids, with one more to go, I’ve found that consistency in schedule was my biggest break through. That and limiting the use of pull-ups.

    1. I agree with the consistency, you have to stay on top of it. After our weekend we did not use pullups or diapers at all. I just got the ticket underwear for just incase.

  2. I suppose I would have to read the book in order to gain the benefit but I find it hard to believe that it would work on my toddler. He is 31 months old and he wants nothing to do with the potty. He used to be interested like your child and he likes to watch his brother go to the bathroom. Or used to. Now that he knows I have ulterior motives for getting him to watch his brother he refuses.

    I’m also assuming that you basically have to lock yourself in for the weekend to complete this task. I’m a single mom with two other boys. I think they would kill each other if we were confined to the house together for a weekend! LOL

    1. My second child was exactly like that. She likes to challenge me with everything including potty training. She loved the stickers and her sisters excitement everytime she went. She refused to let me go in and help her so her sister was kind enough to offer help and it actually worked for us.
      It does require to be locked in all weekend. Since my oldest was very involved it wasn’t an issue. This would be a great weekend to plan sleepover for your other children at friends’ or family members’ houses.

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